xigor aims to be a little tool like xbiff was in the old days. It just sits there as a user defined icon in the systray area of your favorite desktop environment and as soon as a user definable trigger file is changed/touched, the icon changes to another user definable icon. as soon as the icon is clicked with the left mousebutton, it will be reset to the original icon and waits for the next change/touch of the triggerfile. A click with any other mousebutton will remove the icon.and terminate the application.

Xigor utilizes the orignal X11 pixmaps that xbiff was using as a default. You can specify other files on the command line. Xigor understands all file formats that GTK+3 can read.

Xigor can be used as a mail notification or any other sort of flagging style info There can be as many instances as you like.

Directly after the startup of the program, it dumps its PID to stdout and detaches itself, so you can script around with it very easily.

This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it within the terms of the MIT/X11 License as stated in the LICENSE file.

The included XPM files were converted from the original xbm files included with X11 and are subject to the MIT/X11 license and their respective creators (whose names I did not find to credit duely). I included these files in the hope that I may do so in the true spirit of FOSS.